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117 films entered the festival and the audience voted. People loved Doggie Boogie – its official!

Thanks for helping us keep our GRRRR On!

The festival director thanked us for bringing such a wonderfully quirky, fantastical and well acted film to the festival! Congrads to the team: Here is the list of the winners:


Our screening of Doggie Boogie was fantastic!! Oversold with people standing in the back. Sonoma International Film Festival is amazing – everyone is so supportive, wonderful food, great movies — and a puppy from Herd It Through The Grapevine was adopted at our show last night! Come out on Sunday at 9:30 a.m. and see the next screening AND adopt the love of your life. 🙂

Amidst the cinematic grand dreams of filmmakers shaping up for the Sonoma International Film Festival, one film has simpler goals: Bringing a better life to man’s best friend.

Doggie Boogie, which premieres at the festival later this week, tells the story of a young woman and her uncle and their dog-centric dreams; Respectively they’re an aspiring vet and dog dancer – whatever that means.

The aspirational plot-lines are matched by the technicolor set and imaginative props: the film has been called the “Wizard of Oz for Dogs.”

But the film doesn’t stop with one dog’s tale, Director Romanus Wolter is partnering with dog rescue group Herd It Through The Grapevine (HTTGV) to help make the dreams of civilian dogs come true. More at:

Get Your Grrr On!

Keith created a great flyer where you can scan the codes to buy tickets to Doggie Boogie at the Sonoma International Film Festial and see the trailer. Very cool!! Flyers go up around Sonoma tomorrow – thanks to Dan Shimer!!

See the larger version of the

Come see Doggie Boogie!!

flyer by clicking here: Come see Doggie Boogie at the Sonoma International Film Festival

@Hollywood Dogs and talk about the premiere of @DoggieBoogie (starring Jane Wiedlin from the Go Gos) will include a rescue dog adoption event. Fans of films and Fidos will be dancing for joy as they enjoy the world premier of the feel-good, family-friendly flick Doggie Boogie and watch adorable adoptables waltz away to their forever homes. More at —

Doggie Boogie is playing at the Sonoma International Film Festival

Cool news – Sonoma dog rescue group ‘Herd It Through The Grapevine’ is having a doggie adoption event at the World Premier of ‘Doggie Boogie!’ at the Sonoma International Film Festival.

Showtime/Adoption time:
Thursday, April 12th at 6 p.m.

Adopt your best friend at the Sonoma International Film Festival

Sunday, April 15th at 9:30 a.m.
at The Vintage House, 264 First Street East in Sonoma.

Pijo, the dog star of Doggie Boogie, proves that no matter your age you can go for your dreams. Come to the premier, adopt a dog and live an even great life.

HITTGV’s mission is to rescue, care for, and rehabilitate unwanted, abused, and neglected dogs of herding breeds, concentrating on Australian Cattle Dogs and Border Collies.

Front and back of postcards to hand out at the Sonoma International Film Festival! (Design by Keith Myer – a huge Bow Wow Thanks!) Extra cool – Dogs are invited to the screening at 6:00 PM on Thursday April 12th and 9:30 a.m. on Sunday April 15th.

Come see the movie at the Sonoma International Film Festival

Dogs Welcome! Come and Get Your Grrr On! April 12th and April 15th

Tell your friends, families, canine companions and the press. 🙂

Below are the current times for Doggie Boogie to play at the festival. The locations and times change so please check this page to see if it gets updated. Just scroll down to find the day/time.

Doggie Boogie Show Times at the Sonoma International Film Festival

Get Your Grrr On!

APRIL 12th
6:00 pm Vintage House

APRIL 15th
9:30 a.m. Vintage House

Congrads to the team!! Send to your friends, family and reporters – exciting!! Sonoma is one of the nation’s top ten destination film festivals! The exact Showtime will be posted after March 19th. Great job everyone.

What is Doggie Boogie?

Doggie Boogie is a feel-good family movie where audiences cheer as a devoted pup helps his owner and her dog dancing uncle go for their dreams. Due to its fantastical sets and colorful costumes the film has been called "The Wizard of Oz for Dogs."

POLL: Who Is Your Favorite Doggie Boogie Character?

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