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Once again, I’ve pilfered the INSTANT WATCH avails to suggest some of the more interesting under-the-radar releases now streaming.

Cute dogs doing anthropomorphic antics are a dime a dozen on the straight-to-video circuit.

From Air-Bud: Golden Receiver to Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3, you can take your pick of sport, profession or location.

But finally, someone’s made a movie about a dancing dog

And did I mention it stars and features music by The Go-Go’s Jane Wiedlin?

Yeah, now you’re interested. Admit it.

You’re welcome.

Doggie B on Redbox, between Sparkle and Step Up!

Doggie B on Redbox, between Sparkle and Step Up!

"Doggie B" #6 Best Comedy Film

“Doggie B” #6 Best Comedy Film

Go Pijo!

Go Pijo!

Review : Great imaginative fanciful film. Abоut coming іntо оnеѕ оwn wіth thе hеlр оf man’s bеѕt friends (Dogs). Thе dog dancing contest wаѕ а riot. Thе Doggie Yoga Shangrrrla wіth it’s dogs аnd staff wеrе а scream . Thе movie displays thе parallel world оf spiritual healers , dog dancers, wіth а witch lіkе evil dоіng antagonist.

Thе bасk drop оf San Francisco , real quirky costumes, outlandish hair-dos, inventive props helps set іt оff well. An amusing аnd delightful wayout script аnd characters tо entertain аll moviegoers.Very funny uplifting wіth lots оf heart. It hаѕ ѕоmе lessons fоr аll ages. I thіnk thе whоlе family wіll enjoy thе film.

Take a look:

#1 Redbox Family Selection

#1 Redbox Family Selection

#4 RedBox New Release

#4 RedBox New Release

Redbox link for Doggie B:

My friend Manuel just sent this picture of the family buying Doggie B at the Park City Utah Walmart. Fun!20121227_143931_resized

The feel good family movie “Doggie B” shot and finished in San Francisco is at Walmart NOW! Friends on the East Coast have been calling and I just went to Walmart near Oakland. As my brother said, “It’s on the top shelf with all the other big movies.” Happy Holidays and a huge thank you 'Doggie B' on the shelf at Walmartto everyone who has made the movie a succees.

What is Doggie Boogie?

Doggie Boogie is a feel-good family movie where audiences cheer as a devoted pup helps his owner and her dog dancing uncle go for their dreams. Due to its fantastical sets and colorful costumes the film has been called "The Wizard of Oz for Dogs."

POLL: Who Is Your Favorite Doggie Boogie Character?

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