Yama watches as Cassie finds out why Pijo lead her to Shangrrrla!

We need help in creating buzz for Doggie Boogie by having local benefit showings of this feel-good famuly movie!! Send them the following and have them contact Romanus@doggieboogiemovie.com

I’d love it if you could help spread the word on why local dog rescue groups, schools, dog businesses and press should be excited about working with us to conduct a benefit showing of Doggie Boogie in their hometowns. All profits will go to local dog rescue groups, Guide Dogs for the Blind and SeniorNet.org.

Getting distribution for an indie family film is hard because we are going up against the multi-million dollar campaigns of large studios. We need your help to gain recognition and show theatre owners that people want “Doggie Boogie in their hometowns.”

Outdoor festivals, your local theatre, dog gatherings, schools – we are willing to go anywhere! Why dog owners, kids, grandparents and families will want to see Doggie Boogie:

  • Fun, crazy, doggie moves: Pijo is adorable and competitive Dog Dancing is real – http://www.worldcaninefreestyle.org
  • Props and locations to talk about: From our ‘Dog Dance Bible’ to ‘Shangrrrla’ to the ‘Dogeroids Syringe’ to our ‘Mercedes Pens Art Car’, people will love to see Doggie Boogie on the big screen.
  • Cool music: featuring songs from Jane Wiedlin, co-founder of the Go Gos, and The Naked Brothers Band, a hit Nickelodeon group. And, there is a Doggie Boogie Line Dance based on the title song.
  • Social Media Campaign: check out our trailer and pictures on Facebook (Pijo Wolter, Doggie Boogie) and on our first App – www.WallofGrrrAttitude.com

If Doggie Boogie 1 is a hit, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO ENJOY MORE FANTASTICAL FUN! Doggie Boogie Is part of a Trilogy, “Doggie Boogie 2: Gertrude Gets Rude” follows our favorite characters antics as she tries to win another dog dance championship. The prequel “Doggie Boogie 3” explores the birth of dog dancing and of the legendary ‘Dog Dance Bible.’