Get Your Grrr On!

A fantastical adventure to achieving your dreams.

San Francisco, CA – May 31, 2011, The independently produced family film ‘Doggie Boogie: Get Your Grrr On!’ provides just the escape people need in today’s chaotic world. Audiences will cheer as Pijo, a devoted Bichon pup, helps his owner and her dog-dancing uncle go for their dreams.

Dog Dancing, also called “Canine Freestyle,” is an international competitive sport where dog and human pairs dance in front of judges. It was a great hook for this fantastical story. Unfortunately, Wolter had very little money, no connections and modest experience. The good news is that Wolter follows his own advice, “Going for your dream far outweighs any obstacles.”

Doggie Boogie’s message is that it is never too early or too late to go for your dream. The making of the movie reflects this reality:

  • Wolter directed short films with a cooperative that answered questions of how elaborate sequences could be completed on a low budget
  • He matched team member’s “Dream Goals” to available positions no matter their past experience
  • An unemployed flight attendant constructed Doggie Boogie’s main props. From the time he was a young boy watching ‘Star Trek’ he had dreamt of making props. Wolter gave him his chance. Now, he is a designer on the Google Lunar X Prize.
  • Jane Wiedlin, co-founder of the Go Gos, was tracked down by one of the producers and handed a script. She loved the story and came on board as an actor and as music supervisor.
  • Judy Gamet, dog dance instructor, trained the inexperienced dance teams
  • One-week into production the cast and crew loved what they saw and wanted to make Doggie Boogie even better. A few invested in the movie to take it from a three-week to a three-month shoot.

Director and Writer, Romanus Wolter, is also the author of the “Kick Start” series of books, which help people take action on their dreams. Wolter, who was raised in Taipei, Taiwan, states, “Families are searching for films that they can connect to and spark family discussions about going for what you believe in.”

Wolter is seeking a partner to distribute Doggie Boogie. The film is the first in a trilogy and test audiences have said, “Doggie Boogie is uniquely positioned to be a sleeper hit.”

Romanus is available for interviews by calling 415-602-7177

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