Romanus Wolter and Pijo

San Francisco, CA – May 17, 2011
The independently produced family film ‘Doggie Boogie: Get Your Grrr On!’ had just shown its first “Theatrical Preview” when its Director/Writer/Producer Romanus Wolter felt stabbing pains in his abdomen. He and his cast and crew thought it was food poisoning.

However Pijo, a 6-year old Bichon/Terrier mix who is the dancing star of Romanus’ upcoming family film, did take notice. He warned his owner by exemplifying behavior that concerned Wolter. “I came home with stomach cramps and laid down on the bed. Pijo usually curls up right next to me when I’m in pain. This time, he stayed at the end of the bed ignoring me. His body language told me something was wrong.”


Wolter immediately went to the emergency room – where it was discovered his appendix had actually ruptured. It had been affecting his health and other organs for three days. After the surgery, the doctor explained to Wolter that if he had waited even a couple of more hours the consequences could have been even more serious, possibly fatal.


Returning home ten days later, Wolter can now joke that “Pijo really wanted to make sure Doggie Boogie was completed and his budding film career still had a future.”
Pijo has always had a special talent on and off screen – and this incident proves Wolter’s theory that “dogs are here to lead us to our true lives. They watch over us so we can achieve our dreams.”
Wolter is seeking a partner to distribute Doggie Boogie. The film will be completed in August 2011 with plans to host benefit performances for local dog rescue and welfare groups. The movie was filmed in San Francisco and has partnered with Muttville Senior Dog Rescue and Guide Dogs for The Blind.