My feel-good family dog film “Doggie Boogie: Get Your Grrr On!” is looking to partner with the right theatrical distributor. The film’s message is that it’s never too early or too late to go for your dreams. You can view our trailer at:

Dogs sell movies. Doggie Boogie appeals strongly to tightly knit and easily targeted dog and family audiences. It’s attention grabbing props, promotional art and fun trailer will attract attention – who doesn’t want to learn about Dog Dancing and going for your dreams?

We also have our social media campaign in full gear, Jane Wiedlin (co-founder of the Go Gos) in our cast and as our music supervisor, and there are numerous tie-ins and merchanding opportunities available.

It’s hard as an indie film to get attention – so I need your help.

Please feel free to pass the following information onto people who can help make distribution possible. Agents, television programs and distribution companies are perfect – my information: Romanus Wolter – 415-602-7177 or

Doggie Boogie dances into the hearts of its family audience as they cheer for a devoted Bichon pup who helps his owner and her dog dancing uncle achieve their dreams.

Cassie’s dream of becoming a Vet are crushed by her mother, who has become a slave to the world of personal injury law and is forcing Cassie to follow in the family legacy. Peter Wolfe, her dog-dancing Uncle, dreams of winning a national dog dance title but is blocked by his guilt over a tragic dance accident.

Gertrude Spinner, a ten-time dog dance champion and keeper of the legendary Dog Dance Bible, will do anything to stop them. Supported by a colorful cast and enchanting dogs, Pijo uses the lessons of Barkananda (“healing bliss”) to provide Cassie and Peter with a fresh start as they dance through life’s twists and turns. He breathes life into everyone’s dreams as he dances away with their hearts.