I really enjoy the “gathering of information.” However, it takes skill and hard work to create a strategy from the information received. I spoke with a filmmaker and a distributor today and realized that success doesn’t come from just asking questions and getting information of how it has been done before. Success is about analyzing all the information you gather to create a unique strategy.

For distribution, it’s all about access to the right individuals and showing your film in its best light. Everyone I have spoken to has told me to date that it is impossible to send your film into the major distributors unless you have an in. This was acknowledged again by both of them.

Many people suggest that being part of a major festival — Cannes, Sundance, Toronto and perhaps Tribeca — is the only way for an indie film to get seen by an acquisition person. Today, I learnt while this is true that there may be other options including sending your movie to an agent, paying a producer rep or gaining viral buzz.

“I’m going to go for it,” as Cassie, the lead of Doggie Boogie would say. I don’t have any money to hire someone but the agent route might be a cool one. Anyone know anyone who has been represented by CAA, William Morris Endeavor, UTA or ICM?

Many other ideas came to mind and this afternoon I will be exploring those possibilities to see what new strategy pops up.