From an Actor who participated in Doggie Boogie – made me smile:
Although I had worked background several times on the NBC drama “Trauma” previously, Doggie Boogie opened several doors for me. After the shoot, I was hired for extra work in other feature films. I won the lead role in several shorts and even was hired for multiple parts in a San Francisco play “The 91′ Owl.” I just completed several day’s work as a paid extra on “Moneyball” with Brad Pitt and Phillip Seymour Hoffman, directed by Bennett Miller.

Of all the directors that I have worked with an for, I will remember you for three things. Your extreme care for the film, your close assocation with the extras (rarely do I get directed by the director unless I am playing a lead or supporting role) and, most importantly of all, your love for dogs of all kinds.

Oh yes, the change in my life thanks to Doggie Boggie. While the acting work can’t be discounted, there was another and perhaps more important change. Her name is Minnie. She is a two-year old Chihuahua. She was in a pound in Tracy, California and rescued by Wonder Dog literally minutes before she was to be destroyed. She is now in our home.

Minnie is a loving, giving, kind dog who loves people and other animals. She craves nothing more than a comfy spot between myself and my wife. The infuence of “Doggie Boogie” and your dedication to rescued animals played a large part in making up our minds to have her be in our family. We wouldn’t be as complete without her.